Case Study

A digital home for a contemporary NZ furniture designer

We collaborated with Studio Everyday to develop an innovative brand and website for product and spatial design company Think + Shift.

Think + Shift’s situation

Think + Shift’s existing website didn’t have a strong visual signature. Worse, it had hit platform limits and lacked an online store, leaving the company with no way to showcase its made-to-order products or case studies.

To fix this problem, Think + Shift asked Ghost Street and Studio Everyday to collaborate on a brand new website.

Our Challenge

Ghost Street were keen to put Think + Shift’s work front and centre. We envisioned a striking, design-led website, upheld by strong modernist fundamentals.

Practically, we also wanted to give the site ecommerce functionality and a simple CMS, so the Think + Shift team could update and sell their evolving product catalogue in future.

Services provided

  • UI & UX Design
  • Prototyping
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development


Think + Shift



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Having explored Think + Shift’s visual and technical options with Studio Everyday, we landed on a concept that treated content layers as physical objects — a nod to the ‘shift’ in the company’s name. Through extensive co-designing sessions and usability tests, we built a website that fully realised this idea.

To achieve a sparse, confident effect, we reshot all product imagery and hand-tuned our layouts, animation, and easing. Decidedly minimalistic, this approach allowed Think + Shift’s work to speak for itself.

Think + Shift’s results

Think + Shift’s new website launched to critical acclaim. Bagging a Bronze for Small Scale Interactive at the 2017 Best Awards, it won ‘Site of the Day’ during the CSS Design Awards, and was featured across a number of leading design blogs.

With visitor traffic humming, Think + Shift now occupies a leading position in New Zealand’s spatial design market.