Case Study

Electric cars on demand

Our product makeover helped NZ electric car-sharing service Zilch go from 0 - 100 in the Auckland market.

Zilch’s brief

Ride-sharing startup Zilch offers electric cars on demand via their mobile app. Wanting to offer a swift, easy to join service as they entered the Auckland market, Zilch asked Ghost Street to redesign their mobile application from the ground up.

Our Challenge

Ghost Street needed to build a system for Zilch that would standardise design across iOS and Android, while providing a framework for future innovation.

Ziilch’s users lead fast-paced lives. For their convenience, our design language needed to be clean and simple and dead easy to use over other car sharing services on the market.

Services Provided

  • Product Design
  • UI & UX Design
  • Prototyping
  • Concepting





Map background Zilch example screen displayed on an iPhone

The Results

Ghost Street prioritised an intuitive and highly visual booking experience for Zilch. We created a refined design system and new, customer-friendly interfaces — streamlining the ridesharing journey for new and returning users.

Our Solution targeted both Android and iOS devices with a unified design language providing a native experience across platforms and onto the web. We continue to work with Zilch to develop new features and further refine the UX.