Case Study

Taking dining discounts digital

A digital gift-voucher system unlike any in the Kiwi market gave this restaurant group a keen competitive edge.

Luna Group’s situation

Luna Group’s ageing, paper-based voucher system wasn’t working across its popular Auckland restaurants. Unfortunately, existing solutions on the market weren’t flexible enough for the high-speed hospitality industry.

Wanting a digital voucher system to match the excellent service its customers got in-store, Luna Group got in touch with Ghost Street.

Our Challenge

Ghost Street wanted staff and customers to love Luna Group’s new voucher system. To make the system frictionless and user-friendly, we’d need to work closely with staff and managers.

We also knew that our solution would have to scale across the group’s entire restaurant family, and include a reporting functionality. After all, managers needed to see how customers were spending their vouchers.

Services Provided

  • Product Design
  • UI & UX Prototyping and Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Architecture and Development
  • API Integration





VoucherHQ metrics and reporting dashboard
VoucherHQ Voucher from Teddy's restaurant
VoucherHQ Voucher from One Tree Grill restaurant
VoucherHQ Voucher from Little Jimmy restaurant


Multiple UX sprints later, we handed over a perfect-fit digital offer system. VoucherHQ’s unique features included online purchasing, digital or postal delivery, and a promotional system that could drive marketing pushes via key marketing tools like Mailchimp and SurveyMonkey.

With Luna Group’s staff and patrons in mind, we optimised VoucherHQ’s bespoke design system for urgent, low-light touchscreen use. We also made sure its database interface pulled up a 'find as you type' search for customers who didn't have their vouchers on hand. To meet Luna Group’s unique business needs, we fitted VoucherHQ with smart analysis tools and a Stripe payment gateway for digital voucher purchase.

VoucherHQ voucher management search
VoucherHQ voucher management interface
VoucherHQ public purchasing portal

Luna Group’s Results

Voucher HQ is currently operating in closed beta deployment across 10 leading restaurants, prior to a planned public launch.

So far, vouchers have driven in-store upsell above 50%, even before promotional use. Integrated with EDM campaigns and online sales, VoucherHQ has also proved a powerful marketing tool. Offer redemption is instantaneous, even with tens of thousands of active vouchers in the system.

Staff didn’t need extra training to make the system work, and restaurants trialling VoucherHQ have even used the system to ticket events and collect customer feedback.